The DCD System Vacuum consists in applying an electromagnetic wave that generates an increase in the optimal temperature, thereby increasing cellular metabolism, in order to reduce recovery time. Biotechnology that assists physiotherapy.

It's a system that combines the techniques of Radiofrequency, Monopolar and Vacuum Capacitive Diathermy in a single device.

The Push-Pull Vacuum System allows the rhythmic mobilization of tissue in order to help with the reduction of muscle overload. Its MAc mode acts on fascial mechanotransduction by regulating anomalous tensions and facilitating fascial sliding.

Recommended for:

* Painful neurological syndromes (sciatica, carpal tunnel, etc.)

* Muscle cramps, the result of contusions and fibrillar tears.

* Retractions, scars and fibrotic processes.

* Arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis, prosthetic rehabilitation, etc.

* Draining treatments (edemas)