What is the HIFU?

It is a focused ultrasound of high intensity, which allows the restructuring of the collagen and elastin molecules.

By working on the deep dermis and the superficial hypodermis (layer esmas) it produces a natural stimulation of the fibroblasts that allows to maintain the reaffirmation / filling effect for a long time.

When working in the deepest layers of the skin, the sun and age do not interfere with each other. For starters it would be 35 to 70 years.

What do we get?

- Tighten, stretch and firm the skin
- Eliminate deep wrinkles
- Non-invasive technique for the skin
- Durability of the treatment in our skin for 24 months

What is DERMA IR facial?

It is a micropuncture technique to introduce active ingredients, which stimulates the production of collagen and increases the density of the epidermis to reaffirm, regenerate and rejuvenate the face.

What treatments can be done with this technique?

Facial, corporal and hair regeneration treatments. In facial treatments we have:
- Reaffirmation treatment
- Stain treatment
- Acne treatment
- Treatment of scars
- Illuminating treatment with vitamins
- Treatment of bags or dark circles

Always depending on the active principle that we apply we will carry out one job or another

What active ingredients do we use?

Hyaluronic acid, silicon (reaffirming filler), kojic acid (depigmenting for blemishes), vitamins, retinol ...

What is the DERMA IR capillary?

It is a micropuncture technique to introduce a capillary growth factor, with this product what we achieve is to stop the fall in 30 days and promote capillary regeneration.


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