Combined treatments reducing, firming depending on the needs.

You would be a good candidate if you are in good health, of relatively normal weight, but with accumulations of localized fat and if you are realistic in your expectations. It allows you to reshape your figure, reduce cellulite and sagging. In the Espai Vital Clinic we believe it is necessary to combine esthetic treatments with nutrition in order to have better, lasting results.

Recommended for:

* Stubborn rolls of fat in the lumbar region.

* “Bra Bulge”.

* Accumulated fat in the abdomen or pubic area (ESPECIALLY FLABBINESS).

* Love handles.

* Gluteal folds.

* Inner thighs.

Cavitation to mobilize fats through the lymphatic system for hard and edematous cellulitis

Radiofrequency to reaffirm and reshape the silhouette.

Vacumtherapy to drain toxins and reaffirm.

Derma go bodily with specific active principles for the needs of each patient, mobilize fats, cellulite, reaffirm or improve the appearance of the skin.

You must drink at least 1.5 liters of water before and after sessions. Water is essential for eliminating fat and toxins. We help with the elimination of said toxins through pressotherapy which is included in the treatment price.

**body treatments**